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Having a personal website is more important and relevant today than it's ever been. With the rise of social media, it is easy to get lost in the noise. A personal website gives you the freedom to share your ideas, thoughts, and passions with the world on your own terms.

At its core, the internet is a tool for human connection. It is a place where we can share what we have to say with the world. A place where we can connect with others and learn from each other. In a lot of ways though, social media has taken that from us. Social media has turned the web into a machine that generates rage and converts that rage into ad revenue. The web, along with social media is headed towards a place where we are just angry consumers.

This comic from The Oatmeal sums it up pretty well.

A comic strip from the oatmeal showing how moving from personal websites to social media was a bad idea

A personal website puts you back in control and empowers you to be a creator.

You're in control

One of the first steps to taking control of your online presence is to buy a domain. A domain name is the address of your website. For example, the domain name for this website is You can get one for as little as $10 a year. I recommend Cloudflare for buying domains.

Owning your own domain and posting content there is a better alternative to exclusively using social media for a few key reasons.

First and foremost, owning your own domain and website gives you complete control over your online presence and content. When you post content on your own website, you have the freedom to post whatever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about it being taken down or disappearing. No one can sell your content or data without your permission, and you have the power to shape and control your online identity on your own terms.

On social media platforms, on the other hand, you are at the mercy of the platform's algorithms and policies. Your content can be suppressed or removed, and your online identity is shaped by the platform's curation and advertising policies. Also, social media platforms can change their terms of service or be sold to new owners (I'm looking at you Twitter), leading to potential changes in how your content is used or displayed.

In addition to the security and control that comes with owning your own domain, having your own website allows you to build a more professional and cohesive online presence (If that is what you want to do). You can design and customize your website to align with your personal brand and goals, and present a cohesive image to the world. With social media, you are limited by the platform's design and algorithms, and your content can easily get lost in the noise.

It's fun

In addition to the practical and personal benefits of having your own website, it is also a lot of fun to build and customize one. With a personal website, you have complete control over the design and content, and can build whatever you want. You can let your creativity and personality shine through and create a website that is uniquely yours.

Whether you want to create a polished website to showcase your skills and experience, or a weird and quirky website that reflects your interests and passions, the possibilities are endless. The only thing you're limited by is your own ability and imagination. Building and maintaining a personal website allows you to exercise your creativity and technical skills. It can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

It's a great way to learn

Building a website can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. If you don't have the technical know how to build a site from scratch, you can start with something like Squarespace or Ghost. These platforms allow you to build a website without having to worry about the technical details. You can focus on the content and design.

If however you want to get your hands dirty and build a site yourself, then you have countless options! I use this website to play with and learn tools I wouldn't get the chance to ordinarily. I've used this website to learn React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript. I've also used this website to learn about SEO. There are no rules when you build your own website, so you can use whatever your interested in.

Should you stop using social media?

No. Social media can be great for connecting with others and sharing your thoughts and creations. However, if you have something important to say, you should say it on your website first. That content should have a URL that you control. By all means share it on social media too, just make sure your website is the canonical home for your content.


In conclusion, having a personal website is a key tool for taking back control of your online presence and becoming a creator. It allows you to share your ideas, thoughts, and passions with the world on your own terms, and gives you the security and control over your content and data. Building and maintaining a personal website can also be a fun and rewarding hobby, allowing you to exercise your creativity and technical skills. Whether you're a professional looking to promote your career or an individual with something to say, a personal website can be a valuable and fulfilling project.

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