Paul McBride

Senior JavaScript Developer

Hey, I'm Paul. I'm a software developer and instructor who loves using code to solve problems and bring ideas to life!

Paul McBride


I'm a software developer, instructor, and tech nerd currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I'm the founder of WeCode NI, a job board for developers in Northern Ireland, and I currently work at Niice. I also create instructional video courses for egghead. I'm also the proud holder of a private pilot's license. 🛩️

On this site I will share what I'm working on, what I'm learning, and my thoughts and feelings on software and life. I'll be treating this site as my "digital garden" - that means as articles become old and out of date, they'll either be pruned or updated. All content on this site should be up-to-date and hopefully useful.

Want to learn more about me and my work? Check out my code on Github, follow me on Mastodon, or get in touch by email at

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